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Integrative Leadership

Ventura Collective recognizes the key role that leadership plays when it comes to implement and sustain a company-wide equity, diversity and inclusion strategy. For that reason, we have partnered with Ultimate Potentials to offer our clients a holistic approach to EDI.

With this holistic approach we will be going beyond the implementation of systems and processes and adding the development of human talent that will support the sustainability of embedding equity, diversity and inclusion in the organization.

What is Integrative Leadership?

Integrative Leadership is an experiential program. It offers proven tools and practices for leaders who desire the positive transformation of their people, organization, and community. 

Integrative Leadership incorporates global principles for protecting the Environment through organizational practices, increased corporate Social Responsibility, and more responsible and sustainable Governance. In addition, the framework includes a Systems thinking approach designed for leaders to look at the whole of their organization rather than just its parts. At the end of each experiential section, you will evaluate your leadership using the Integrative Leadership Framework. 


Integrative Leadership RoadMap

  1. Integrative Leadership Framework

  2. The 5 Essential Integrative Leadership Skills

  3. The Inter-Human Responsibilities 

  4. Tools and Techniques for Integrative Leadership Practices

  5. Integrative Leadership Health and Wellness



Through a series of experiences, Integrative Leadership supports your leaders developing the required capabilities to lead workplaces that are complex in makeup. Integrative Leadership equips you to lead consciously and skillfully regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, culture, or age. 


Who is Integrative Leadership designed for?

Integrative Leadership is for leaders at all levels of the organization. It is for leaders who want to use Inter-Human Responsibilities such as people leadership and the ability to create alignment. It is for leaders who want to improve essential leadership skills such as operational excellence and decision-making. It is for leaders who are starting their leadership journey or aspiring to become a people leader. 

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