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Ventura Collective partners with organizations to create a personalized equity, diversity and inclusion system based on the International Standard Organization ISO 30415:2021, which offers a streamlined and sustainable approach to EDI. Ventura Collective’s goal is to support teams develop an organization where equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging are at the heart of the organization’s business model.

Consulting Cycle

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One of the biggest obstacles that EDI efforts face in organizations is when they are equated to good intentions with no action nor plan. Usually, there are no key performance indicators to show sustainable improvement. Ventura Collective brings an approach to EDI with the International Standard Organization (ISO 30415:2021) framework, where EDI becomes a measurable and sustainable service management tool that touches every area of the organization. 


For your EDI strategy to succeed and for our partnership to thrive, the senior leadership team has to be fully committed to an EDI organizational strategy. When the whole company is aligned and the tone is set by the senior team, the chances of success increase.



Review all systems, processes and or programs. We utilize reliable tools to perform an in-depth assessment and help compile your company's EDI-relevant data for your organization to visualize what is the current maturity EDI level.



Based on the assessment’s results and using the ISO 30415:2021 framework, together, we develop a plan, assign roles and responsibilities to key team members, and establish key performance indicators (KPIs). We strive to build together an EDI strategy that is human-centered and data-driven.



Your team puts the EDI plan into action at every level of the organization. We support your company's implementation phase by helping your team develop the skills to document, distribute and imbed the EDI strategy.



Review the outcomes of the implemented EDI actions. One of the most important parts of this stage is to listen to your team and employees to know what impact the EDI strategy has had on their work environment.



Pivot when necessary while remaining on course towards your goals.

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