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Diversity and Inclusion Service
Management Certification (DISM)
based on the ISO 30415:2021

Research has shown that a lack of a measurable and sustainable equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) strategy has become a business risk; it directly affects an organization's financial performance and workforce.


The key to minimizing this risk is having the skills to develop and manage a Diversity and Inclusion Service Management (DISM) Portfolio that help you and your organization and/or client create processes with a company-wide EDI framework.


In 2021 the International Standard Organization (ISO) released its international standard for Diversity and Inclusion: ISO 30415:2021. This company-wide framework provides guidance on EDI for organizations, including their governance body, human resources, product/service delivery and development, supply chain and other shareholders.


The ISO 30415:2021 is relevant to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

(5) Gender Equality,

(8) Decent Work and Economic Growth,

(10) Reduced Inequality and is guided by the principles of human rights at work by the International Labour Organization (ILO).


This standard also promotes a psychologically safe system at work, as supported by The National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. A safe system of work is firmly embedded in Canadian Law (Tort Law).

DISM Certification based on the
ISO 30415:2021 in Canada
Group Calls

Ventura Collective is partnering with Inclusion Corporation, the certifying body and developers of the Diversity and Inclusion Service Management (DISM) Certification based on the ISO 30415:2021, to offer a DISM certification from the Canadian perspective to EDI consultants, EDI professionals and/or employees involved in their organization's EDI programs.


This certification will introduce the ISO 30415:2021 standard as a Diversity and Inclusion Service Management (DISM) framework. It will provide you with the knowledge and skills to accompany an organization in its journey to develop a company-wide strategy that will help them advance equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and minimize the risk associated with an absence of EDI structure.

Cohort Three
September/October 2024


This is a six-week hybrid certification course with asynchronous learning and weekly 90-minute live sessions, featuring internationally recognized lecturers.


The live sessions will take place every Tuesday for six weeks from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm EST.


  • Orientation Session: Program Overview - Sep 3 (optional)

  • Week 1: Applying Maturity Models - Sep 10

The Inclusion Maturity Model Integration (IMMI) is a proven methodology for gradual policy development to incentivize actions for more inclusive workplaces.

  • Week 2: Understanding the 32 Risk Domains - Sep 17

The DISM identifies 32 risk domains to address when creating an equity, diversity, and inclusion strategy.

  • Week 3: Defining the 27 Diversity Types - Sep 24

Ties to diverse communities are essential and defining what we mean when discussing diversity will facilitate an evolution of both process design and training at organizations.

  • Week 4: Identifying Actions, Measures and Outcomes - Oct 1

The ISO presents fundamental prerequisites for diversity and inclusion associated accountabilities and responsibilities, recommended actions, suggested measures and potential outcomes.

  • Week 5: Supply Chain and Other Stakeholders - Oct 8

Discuss and understand the importance of incorporating the diversity and inclusion principles into the procurement process and the development of supplier partners.

  • Week 6: Case Study and Exam Preparation - Oct 16 (Wed*)

During this session, we will work on a case study ISO 30415:2021 audit and help prepare everyone for an examination.

*We are moving week 6's live session to Wednesday to accommodate people who celebrate Thanksgiving and travel during those days.


  1. Previous knowledge of EDI basic concepts through an EDI certification or experience working in the field.

  2. Access to a computer with internet.

  3. Commitment to covering asynchronous online work for 2–4 hrs per week.

  4. Commitment to joining at least four of the six 90-minute weekly live sessions.

  5. Score a minimum of 75% in the final examination.


$1,600 + tax per person​

Group rate available starting at 6 participants per organization.

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