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Assessment - Diversity and Inclusion ISO 30415:2021

Utilizing the ISO 30415:2021 standard and leveraging the expertise of a third-party partner’s specialized software, Inclusion Score (The World's #1 D&I Operating System™), we perform an assessment and analysis of the current maturity level of equity, diversity and inclusion practices in your organization.

The assessment identifies opportunities and risks and defines objectives. It allows us to have data to assign responsibilities, recommend actions, and suggest measures for potential outcomes and impacts.

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Audit - Diversity and Inclusion
ISO 30415:2021 Standard

Once your organizations has worked with a Diversity and Inclusion Service Management (DISM) professional to embed equity, diversity and inclusion in every part of the organization and performed an internal audit to ensure the compliance with the ISO 30415:2021 Standard, Ventura Collective can perform the third party audit to confirm compliance with the ISO 30415:2021 and emit a certification of compliance. 

The ISO 30415:2021 certification is valid for three years. At the third year mark the organization will need to renew certification through an audit.


Failing to renew the organization's certification will mean that the organization is no longer complying with the ISO 30415:2021 and will lose its certification. 

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